10 Important Questions To Ask Your VA Before They Develop Your Website

I think VAs (Virtual Assistants) can have an important role in an entrepreneur’s business. They can help out with many tasks that are often not something that busy people want to do, nor can do.

VAs can be very handy with managing calendars, sorting through dozens of emails, doing minor website updates and even helping manage campaigns to ensure all the moving pieces are all lined up.

But even with all the ways that a VA can help you out, there are some areas of your business that you have to be careful about and not just hand over to them, hoping things will miraculously materialize with little involvement from you.

One of those critical areas is the development of your website.

Lately I am hearing more and more about business owners having their VA (or business manager or even doing it themselves for that matter) put up their website for them. I’m going to assume it’s either because of the convenience of having someone on your team do it or because it’s more cost effective than hiring a website developer.

And it’s because of this that I feel compelled to express caution… As mentioned, VAs can play a vital role in a business operations, but in my experience, most who say they can do your website for you have either:

a) Installed a pre-built WordPress theme or two and have figured out how to install plugins, making them think this is all they need to know to put up a website.
b) Got a buddy they will delegate the work to and make a profit off of the work done.

Sure, there could be more qualified VAs who know a bit more than that, but think about it, if they knew enough to be a web developer, then I would question why are they doing VA work and not developing websites for a living?

So before you say “sure” to having a VA put up your website for you, here are some questions to ask them first:

1) Can they prepare an in-depth target market analysis so that it’s clear on who your website needs to appeal to?
2) Are they well versed with Branding and Graphic Design? Do they know how to properly optimize images on your site so they download quickly on slower Internet speeds and smart phones?
3) Do they know what kind of layout design that would best suit your business and target market?
4) Are they knowledgeable in SEO? (Not just knowing about keywords, but all of the aspects that come with building an SEO friendly website.)
5) What do they know about programming? If something went wonky, would they know how to fix it? Can they do any customization to your website beyond what is provided in the purchased theme?
6) Are they aware of what makes a website responsive so that it looks proper on smart phones and other devices?
7) Do they understand fundamental copywriting principles when writing for the web?
8) Do they study marketing? What is their education, experience and do they understand your industry well enough?
9) Are they aware of all the different features and functionalities that could be used to best enhance your site or do they only know a select few plugins?
10) Do they know other CMS platforms other than WordPress that might work better for your needs?

Building a website requires someone with knowledge far beyond simply being able to install a WordPress theme. And in actuality, it’s rare that a single person possesses all of the knowledge and expertise required to create a fully functioning website.

These necessary skill sets range from brand and user experience design (UED, UXD and information architecture design), to HTML/XHTML, CSS knowledge and ideally some programming, SEO expertise, copywriting skills, and of course, marketing know-how since your website is your central marketing piece of your business.

So before embarking on a website project, consider carefully all of the areas of expertise needed to create a successful website that is fully supporting your business and portraying it in a way that will attract your target market and convert them into buyers.

While having a website up is all that you think you need, the journey on how you get there is paramount to how functional and successful it will be. This is not the time to pass off this important component of your business to someone who is not fully qualified to do the work.

Instead, be actively involved in finding a qualified web developer or development firm to take you through the journey that will result in an excellent representation of your business and get you the results you’re wanting.

To your success,

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

Poor web design can ruin your business. For this reason, it is imperative that you avoid making mistakes. There are a few steps you can take that will ensure your website is up to par. Regardless if you are building a new website or refreshing your current one, these simple steps will take you in the right direction.

Avoid Hiring an Intern to Design Your Business Website

Many times a Business owner will want to cut corners to save money. One way of doing this is to hire an intern. Saving a few dollars should not be the focus while your website is being developed. Professional Web Developers may cost more but their expertise will more than pay off in the long run. Your Website has 15 seconds to make an impression on a viewer. Statistics show that the average person spends that 15 seconds on the home page and if not impressed with what they see, they will leave and go to another website. You want to make an impression with a website that is user friendly and holds a professional appearance that can only be accomplished by using a seasoned Web Design Company.

Avoid a Cluttered Website

More is not always a good thing, especially with a website. A website that has an abundance of graphics, icons and ads tends to look stuffy and unorganized. A cluttered page also makes it hard for a visitor to navigate with ease. The best approach is to allow the reader to find what they want with ease while keeping the page simple and well placed..

If you expect to keep the reader’s interest long enough for a purchase or sign up, spread the information over several pages instead of having everything in one area. One way of doing this is to go page by page and decide what is necessary and what is not. By doing this, you will eliminate the clutter and have a more organized streamline site. For instance, make sure not to place photos or images near your Logo. Doing so could take away from the importance of your company or target product.

Ask a professional designer if you are having second thoughts about the importance of certain information within your website. Most designers are willing to answer your questions and concerns pertaining to the content and its importance to your site.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Every website needs a call of action and many fail to make a clear call of action, resulting in a loss of potential clients. When readers go to a website, they want in and out in a timely manner. If a visitor has to search or navigate through a series of pages to find what they want, they will usually leave the site and go to another. No one wants to waste their time. In order to captivate your target customers, your website needs to be clear and concise. You should have easy to understand information on each page for the reader to obtain what they want. A professional web design company can ensure that your website is free of any possible mistakes that would otherwise lose you potential customers.

Hiring A Web Designer – What To Look Out For

An unprofessional looking website can cause serious damage to your brand’s reputation, the quality of visitors and volumes of sales. A few dollars saved in web design could cost you losses in millions! Is compromising on web design really worth it?

Hire an expert team of dedicated web designers that has several years of experience in web designing. In addition ensure your web designer can design a high quality end product which is truly reflective of your brand. Does your web designer use state-of-the-art, innovative technology that truly brings a value-add to your site? Hire a web designer with a difference. Make sure they don’t cut corners when it comes to web design. That means no scratchy images, no cluttered web pages – just a clean, professional looking site that is representative of your brand.

Does your designer offer a first-class service that is designed to suit your unique needs. You can also just ask to customize your existing site to make it harmonious with your business goals. Ask you web designer to help enhance your online presence with search engine optimization services. Is you web designer one of the best in their field – and does it show? Can they provide a portfolio that shows how they have helped numerous clients improve their brand perception and enhance client relationships as well.

Ensure your web developer specialize in creating stunning, engaging web pages, and we also help provide a highly-interactive interface to your clients. This goes a long way in generating more leads and hence more sales for your business. Web sites should always have easy navigability, attractive interfaces and highly optimized content – which attract more traffic. Does your web designer take web design very seriously. After all web designing should only be executed by a thorough professional.

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